3 Year-Warranty

Eco Dog & Cat will happily replace any felt ball rug purchased online within 3 years of the purchase date that is deemed to be ‘faulty’ by us. For any claim simply email us with your valid Eco Dog & Cat receipt.


  • We will replace the rug if deemed faulty where it has had reasonable use and has been reasonably maintained and vacuumed regularly – not held and shaken or beaten.
  • ‘Faulty’ relates to manufacturing defects as determined by Eco Dog & Cat.
  • 'Faulty' does not apply to staining, flattening of the rug, shading or watermarking, rugs exposed to direct sunlight, rugs used in a commercial or extremely high traffic area, or wear and tear.
  • Replace means with equivalent value rug (not equivalent price) in our opinion. A replacement does not equate to a refund.
  • Eco Dog & Cat reserves the right to repair a rug at its discretion.
  • Warranty does not apply to rugs damaged by incorrect cleaning or cleaned with incorrect or inappropriate cleaners. This may be determined by Eco Dog & Cat’s professional cleaning agent.
  • These rugs are for personal indoor use, and not intended for use in the commercial environments. Where goods are used for commercial purposes a limited warranty may apply.