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      People searching for eco coasters love the idea of a myriad of selections to suit their tastes and whimsies. Choosing and finding just the appropriate coaster for your favourite cold and hot beverage is part of the fun. A cute eco coaster can bring joy when you sit down with a hot or cold drink while protecting and saving wear and tear on your table or bar. Coasters also offer design options and alternative uses beyond your dining or snack.

      Our eco coasters collection is sure to add a spark to any home. Made of 100% eco-friendly pressed wool felt, our eco coasters will protect your tabletop from heat, cold and moisture. Guests will be blown away if you have one of these fantastic coasters protecting your tables.

      Our eco cat coasters feature a range of grey British Shorthair cat, White British Shorthair cat and Brow British Shorthair cat.  Surprise the cat lovers in your life with this cat coaster. 

      Our eco dog coaster is represented by the popular Golden Retriever dog in different shades of cream.  

      9 products

      9 products