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Eco Dog Balls


      The ball is a dog's best friend and undoubtedly the most popular dog toy. There are not many eco-friendly dog toys available in Australia, which is the unique feature of our eco dog balls. Eco dog balls are handmade of natural wool, an exciting texture for your dog to get their paws and teeth sunk into. Being a renewable material, wool is safe for puppies and dogs if ingested. Since eco dog balls do not contain any plastic, filler or rubber, they are a 100% sustainable dog toy for eco-conscious pet parents. We originally designed these balls for indoor play when the rainy season started in Australia. However, these balls have been tested at the beach and park.

      Felted wool has excellent water absorbency properties and has found applications as dryer balls. When wet, the heavier ball can be flung a longer distance than when it is dried, making fetch more fun at the beach.

      Eco dog balls are firmly needle felted using traditional methods by experienced artisans in Nepal, making them longer lasting than a tennis ball. Eco dog balls are colourfast and will not bleed, and therefore they can be easily renewable by machine wash. 

      When your eco dog ball has finally come to the end of its use as a dog toy, you can add it to the garden whole or break it into smaller pieces to be used as compost.

      Got a barkday pawty coming up? Grab some of our eco dog balls as they make the best eco gift! If you are looking for eco-friendly dog toys that are safe for your puppies and dogs, try our eco dog balls. We are confident it would bring hours of entertainment for your furry kid. Buy with confidence as we have an easy return policy.  

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      11 products