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Cat Ball Toys


      Minimise your environmental claw print by choosing eco-friendly cat ball toys made from sustainable materials. These sustainable cat toys are made from natural and renewable material so you can be eco-friendly whilst providing your feline friend entertained and engaged!

      Weaving play into your cat's daily routine will help to stimulate their natural hunting instincts. Eco Dog & Cat has a delightful range of sustainable cat toys so you and your cat can chip in for our environment! Our cat ball toys are handmade and felt out of 100% New Zealand wool, a sustainable material that is fully compostable at the end of life. Our extensive online range of adorable cat ball toys with fun designs will keep your indoor cat entertained for hours. These eco-friendly cat toys constitute unique characters who come to life through the art of needle felting. Find the perfect sustainable cat ball toy from our collection!

      13 products

      13 products